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How to View Your Subscription Info

New Page - View your Arnold Subscription & Print Invoices

Last night we released an update to Arnold Gym Management. It was only a minor release, but along with some minor formatting to a couple of reports and screens (we're always on the look-out for ways in which we can increase our product and make it easier), we have added one extra bit of functionality.

Previously, when Arnold used to run as a Windows Application, you could print your subscription invoices and give to your accountant.

And as with all re-writes, the critical things are done first and then there is a flow on down to the important and then nice-to-haves.

Up until last night, we would email you a copy of your subscription summary - with the details of how many open members you have and the monthly fee.

However, now there is a new page where you can access it at any time, print old invoices and review the member break down.

Simply click the new Subscriptions option from the main menu to access the page.

If you need help calculating the breakdown of your subscription fee - click the question mark button on the top right of the last section. It will give you the breakdown.

Remember - for all users on our basic plan : the first 25 Open Members are FREE. And to keep your plan as affordable as possible, ensure you close off your members who no longer train with you!


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