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Getting the basics right

Every successful business owner will mention how important it is to track and know your numbers . Let's look at a martial arts business. What numbers do you need to know? Let's start with some simple questions: How many classes are on per day/week/month? Who attended? Who taught them? Has everyone who attended them paid? They're just some simple and basic ones. But important and critical if you want to manage your business. Imagine that every day you needed to create your daily timetable and then enter your student names, and check their payments, and in what generic software (in excel for example) ..? It would take ages. And then working out if their 10-class-pass was up, or if their direct debit payment failed ... it's the stuff of nightmares ! It is exactly this scenario that Arnold does with exactly a few mouse clicks (or even less if your members use the mobile app). Simply define your class timetable one time, and then everyday Arnold will generate the clas


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