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Registration Issues Fixed!

 Apologies from the Stingrae Team if you've been trying to register your Martial Arts (or similar) Business with our Arnold Gym Management System.  A little while ago we were forced to move our hosting, and unfortunately the registration page was missed in the list of config changes.  But it's all fixed now, so please feel free to try to register again!  Remember - Arnold is FREE for businesses with less than 25 Active Members! 
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Email Templates & Milestones

Keeping in contact with your members, and ensuring they're meeting their goals is an important job. And here is another way that Arnold Martial Arts and Gym Management Software can help. Simply follow these steps, or watch the embedded YouTube video: Step 1 - Define some Email Templates. Step 2 - Define some Member Milestones. Step 3 - Do the Basics Right! Step 4 - Watch for the Milestone Icon on the top right to go green 🏅 Step 5 - Click It!  Step 6 - Review the Account and Send the Email Watch and learn how makes it easy for business owners to track their members' milestones and send out regular pre-defined emails.   For a free trial go to

The Member App

The Member's App not only allows your client to register/book for a class, but also see their class history, record competition results, and also receive push notifications you send them from the main web application ( ). Yesterday we just rolled out a new version to both the Google Play Store (Android), and the Apple App Store (iOS). The small, but important enhancements are: - Enrollments can be made now for dates into the future (ie, book into a class or event) - You can now remove enrollments and bookings - New alerts come through in different colours and with images. Please ask your members to visit their mobile device's store and download it!

Video: How to Track First Aid and other Certifications

Does your martial arts gym need to keep track of things like First Aid Certificates, and/or Working With Children Checks? With the Corona-virus currently causing a worldwide pandemic, governments across the world are launching training courses with certifications. Arnold can track these for you, and here's a 2 minute video explaining how to: Of course, if your business requires a FREE account, please visit:  

The Reception Android App

Allowing your customers to check to a class easily is extremely important. Check out this photo taken today at one of our clients in Sydney; This tablet normally lives on the reception desk, but since they're limited by Covid-19 restrictions, the android tablet has been moved to the garage weights area, next to their outdoor training area. Does you martial arts dojo, or gym need a similar facility? Go to for a free trial.

How to limit participants

With the covid-19 restrictions hopefully being relaxed in coming weeks, most gyms will need to enforce their class numbers. Please take 2 minutes to watch this overview of Arnold Gym Management and learn how it can help you manage this: If you wish to have a free trial of Arnold, please go to   and sign up!

The Easy Way to Getting 5 * Reviews for your Martial Arts Business!

In today’s world, when people are looking for products or services in their area, the most common way they do it is by going to Google and searching. For example, for martial arts in Sydney they would so something like: The main thing we want to point out here though, is the rating field which is highlighted by the red arrow. Studies have shown that businesses with 5 star ratings get far more leads from google than businesses without. So, how do you get 5 star reviews?  Well, the first step is to ensure you have your Google Business Page setup and up to date. If you haven’t done that then go and do it. Then, once your Google page is setup, the easiest way to get your 5 star reviews is … (and this is not rocket science) … is to ask your existing members to go there and leave you one! Now because Google wants to maintain the integrity of the reviews left, they need to validate the reviewer. And although the reviewer can review without a gmail address, given that a user wi