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New Report - Simple Class Listing

We had a request from a subscriber last week for something that we thought we already had ... but it turns out we didn't!  It turns out that we didn't have a simple report that allowed you to enter in a date range, and get a list of classes and their attendances during that period!  So ... now we do! Plus we added in two additional filters too - you can narrow it down by class name and/or instructor.  Simply go to the Class section on the Reports menu. 
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New Chart - Accounts Created Over Time

As a gym owner, have you ever had a suspicion that most of your new members came in summer? And that winter was a really hard time to gain new members?  Well one of our clients did and wanted a report to confirm. So, we obliged!  Here is their chart of accounts created month by month:  What do you notice? They were right! You can see a definite spike in February and a huge lull in June, which confirms that for a gym in the southern hemisphere, most people don't like joining gyms in winter!  If you're a client of Arnold Gym Management, and want a custom chart designed, please log a support ticket and we'll get back to with our thoughts! 

Power Marketing!

World renowned business coach Brad Sugars wrote a book called " Buying Customers ". The premise is that for every dollar you spend on marketing, then you should get back at least that dollar and then some, in order for that marketing to have been worth it.  So this begs the question - how do you know if your marketing is working? The newest feature added to Arnold Gym Management is something we call Power Marketing!  This feature allows you to create a  Globally Unique Identifier (GUID) and attach it to anything, regardless of how your marketing works.  Let us give you a quick walkthrough:  Firstly, you will need your Business GUID. Each business that subscribes to Arnold has their own GUID and you can get yours from this screen (red arrows):  Next, go to Marketing (three lines below General Info marked with the red arrow above). And then you will see a new button called Power Marketing. Click that to come to this screen:  This will show you an overview of your defined GUIDs

New Overview Video!

With the fresh new look and feel, it was only natural then that we had to re-do our intro video!  Check it out below and let us know what you think!  If you like what you saw then please head over to and give it a trial, for FREE!

New Video for our New System

Yes, it's been a while since we put out a new video, but that's because we've been busy giving the entire system a facelift, making it faster and smoother for all our users!  We're happy to say that so far the feedback has been very positive which just encourages us to build on the system even more!  If you haven't played around with our new email builder yet, then you're really not making the most of the system.  Watch this 2 minute video for a quick overview of how you can easily send a neat looking email to your members, and even see the open rate! 

Registration Issues Fixed!

 Apologies from the Stingrae Team if you've been trying to register your Martial Arts (or similar) Business with our Arnold Gym Management System.  A little while ago we were forced to move our hosting, and unfortunately the registration page was missed in the list of config changes.  But it's all fixed now, so please feel free to try to register again!  Remember - Arnold is FREE for businesses with less than 25 Active Members! 

Email Templates & Milestones

Keeping in contact with your members, and ensuring they're meeting their goals is an important job. And here is another way that Arnold Martial Arts and Gym Management Software can help. Simply follow these steps, or watch the embedded YouTube video: Step 1 - Define some Email Templates. Step 2 - Define some Member Milestones. Step 3 - Do the Basics Right! Step 4 - Watch for the Milestone Icon on the top right to go green 🏅 Step 5 - Click It!  Step 6 - Review the Account and Send the Email Watch and learn how makes it easy for business owners to track their members' milestones and send out regular pre-defined emails.   For a free trial go to